Palomar Mountain Road South / East Grade

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Description: Palomar Mountain Road (S6) is often coined “the most technical road in Southern California”, although there is more to this route than just screeching tires. You’ll be traveling through some of the most scenic vistas as you traverse this secluded mountain road nestled in the Cleveland National Forest. Palomar Mountain’s astonishing views aren’t limited to visiting motorists, as this is also the site of the fameous Palomar Mountain Observatory housing the Hale telescope.

Access: I-15 to Route 76, left on Palomar Mountain Rd in 15 miles.

You’ll be wanting to call in sick to work in order to drive this one on a weekday. Decreasing radius turns combined with back-to-back hairpin turns (over 20 in just 7 miles!), silky smooth snake turns and a handful of generously long sweepers ensure that you will have a great experience. Watch for the lack of guardrail and steep drop offs, which can make for a very “puckery” experience. Drive at your comfort level!

Road Condition:
The road condition is an exceptional, albiet bumpy, ride. You may want to turn PASM to normal for this one.

One of, if not THE, most well known motorcycle routes. Watch for motorcyclists going banzai and crossing into your lane as well as police patrolling on road and with helicopters.

You’ll have a tough time keeping your eyes on the road, however these roads leave little room for looky-loos. These breath taking views will keep passengers and photographers on the edge of their seats!

Length: 9.6 miles

Attractions: Mother’s Kitchen (and restrooms) at the Palomar Mountain / East Grade junction, Palomar Observatory further up Mount Palomar.

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