President’s Article – February 2023

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Through The Windshield

By Tom  Brown

SDR President


Another new year is upon us. The third stone from the sun

has made yet another circuit of the heavens. Along with that

comes the usual changes. The first thing I’d like to empha-

size is that we are short a few volunteers. For example, we

could use a Webmaster. If you are familiar with WordPress

and want to keep the site current with event photos, a few ar-

ticles, and other misc. items, this job is for you! (Note, calen-

dar updates are already being handled.) Do you like to help

others who are less fortunate? We could use a new Char-

ity Chair to plan and direct how we give back to our com-

munity. Do you frequent our events, not just one type, but

most of them? How would you like to submit a short monthly

summary to our national magazine, Panorama? If you are a

social media whiz, you could also keep our Facebook and

Instagram accounts up-to-date. Good at selling? Our Wit-

ness team can use an advertising sales manager. Fortunately,

billing is already handled; we need someone to find more

ads to fill up the pages. Finally, and so very important, our

social team could still use some help. If you like to throw a

party, this is a job you can’t turn down. Our social events are

so much fun—please join the team. If you have any interest

or questions about these positions, please write me at presi-

Speaking of change, we started a new program at the end

of the year (Steve Eisler’s brilliant idea), rewarding long-

term members with a discount coupon for our events. Every

fifth anniversary you can expect to receive this appreciation

award. Our goal is to thank you for your membership and

encourage you to try new events. Be sure that your email

address is accurate on (our national club web-

site), as we will be notifying you by email.

A question about our board meeting minutes has arisen. The

bylaws require that they be published in the Witness, this

magazine. As the Witness is only published quarterly, is this

soon enough for the minutes? Is it timely? Would you like

to see them posted on the website? Or sent via email? Or is

it just fine the way things are? We’ve never received a com-

plaint, as far as I know, but it seems prudent to ask the ques-

tion. Let me know if you’d like to see a change: president@

I want to take a moment to remind you that a lot of what we

do is made possible by our sponsors. As you read through

this, you will see advertisements from local establishments.

When you attend events or see event ads and flyers, you

will see or hear about the local businesses supporting these

events. If you patronize them, be sure to thank them. Let

them know you are a club member. Let them know you saw

their ad in the Witness. Tell them “Thank you” for support-

ing an event you enjoyed. I’m sure they’d like to hear about


the event and how wonderful it was. The more they hear

back from you about how much their support is appreci-

ated and how much we promote their companies, the more

likely they will keep supporting us. Anything you can do to

help with this vital aspect of our club’s community relations

would be much appreciated.

Speaking of community relations, I’d also like to impress

upon you the importance of maintaining our club’s image

and protecting our reputation. When attending our events,

please remember that your actions reflect on the club. Acting

appropriately and not abusing the situation protects our im-

age and ensures our access to event venues. We wouldn’t be

able to hold events if the property owners were to decide we

are no longer welcome. Actions have consequences, so let’s

ensure we are doing the right thing. Thank you.

Here is another request for volunteers, but of a different

type! We need hosts for our two annual Progressive Din-

ners. If you have not attended one of these, they are fantas-

tic. As the name suggests, they are dinner events where the

participants move around the county. Each dinner typically

requires three venues: Appetizer, Main Course, and Dessert.

We want to do one in the South/Central part of the county

and the other in North County, so it doesn’t matter where

you live; we’ll make the event fit your location. Space is re-

quired for 60-80 people, but we’ll bring in the catered food

and drink and (for the main course) tables and chairs. We

need your house. (It helps if you have street parking for the

cars, too, of course!) If you would like to be a part of these

amazing events, please write:

2023 sees California hosting two world-class Porsche events.

The first I’ll mention is RennSport Reunion, a reunion that

Porsche (the company) hosts every few years in Monterey,

where they gather an incredible cornucopia of Porsche ve-

hicles (both street and race) as well as Porsche race car driv-

ers from around the world and across the eras. This is an

incredible display of living history, all about Porsche and the

fabulous automobiles they make. This is the world’s largest

gathering of Porsche vehicles and usually sets attendance re-

cords at the Laguna Seca racetrack, which hosts this mag-

nificent event. Admission tickets are already on sale on the

Laguna Seca website. The only problem, of course, is that

hotels quickly become scarce in Monterey and its environs,

so if you haven’t already, I would start looking immediately.

September 28 to October 1 are the dates to remember.

The other major Porsche happening this year is our club’s na-

tional convention, the annual Porsche Parade, which is com-

ing to southern California. It will be held in La Quinta, June

18 to 24. As I said, this event is hosted by PCA (the club) and

it moves around the country yearly. The last time it was

this close was in 2007. By the time you read this, registra-

tion will already be open (it opens February 1), guarantee-

ing your spot and allowing you to book a hotel room. (You

must book through our private link to get into our room

block with our discount hotel pricing.) More information

about this will be coming to you by email. But that’s not

all! Don’t forget that registration will continue on April 5,

when you pick the events you want to participate in.

Speaking of email: Please, please, visit to

ensure your contact information is correct. If your email

is wrong in our database, you will not receive our emails.

While you are there, check the email address for your co-

member. Both of you should receive our emails. That way,

you can be “in the know” about all the mind-blowing activ-

ities and other information from your favorite club. (If you

don’t have an account on, it is time to create

one!) Once you have logged in, click on your name (upper

right) and then, on the left, click on “Edit My Profile” to

review the information. There is another link there: Man-

age Communications. Use this link to select which emails

you would like to receive from the club: Local (that’s us!),

Zone, or National. Please check and ensure the settings are

what you want them to be. I suggest you keep all of them

turned on; you can always delete the emails. It’s always

frustrating when people don’t receive our emails only to

find out it is because they were accidentally disabled.

I’ll close with the reminder that I am still looking for vol-

unteers—webmaster, social media, social events, Witness

advertising, charity, and Panorama submissions. And Pro-

gressive dinner hosts too! Please write if interested or if

you have questions:

2023 is going to be another terrific year for PCA-SDR. See

you at the next event!