SDR President’s Message – May 2020

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May 2020 Message from PCA-San Diego Region President

 What’s happening in PCA San Diego Region?

We remain bound by the same restrictions on gatherings (unless essential) as we were a month ago, so once again PCA-SDR activities stay at a minimum. It is still critical that we remain vigilant and do everything to try and ensure that we don’t facilitate an upturn in the number of cases. The majority of us are really keen to see this thing over with, for restrictions to be loosened and, ultimately, completely lifted. In the spirit of ensuring our membership is not exposed any more risk than necessary, the SDR board of Directors has continued to cancel or postpone events. Many of us may be getting accustomed to this “new normal” but I suspect few are enjoying it. I view the lifting of current restrictions and getting back to being able to choose where we go and with whom, as being similar to an impending vacation. It seems to be taking an age to get here, but we’ll just have to hang on until given the green light and the freedom that we are accustomed to. So prepare yourself for upcoming excitement! I imagine that many are  really looking forward to spending time with SDR friends again! If you haven’t previously done so, make a point of getting out to some events.

I’ve decided that as soon as it is permitted, I’m going to go on significantly more pleasure drives with friends than I did prior to today’s limitations. I think my Porsche spends too much time in my garage, and the enjoyment of driving with friends is too infrequent. Every time SDR puts on a backcountry tour all attendees are given a set of route directions, I recommend keeping them in your Porsche and then selecting your favorite, calling up a buddy and getting out there in a small group and driving it.

By now I imagine all will have heard the final decision that the PCA National Parade scheduled for June in La Quinta has been cancelled which, although unfortunate, is not a surprise and definitely for the best.

For those interested in attending the Annual La Jolla Concours, the news is it has been postponed until Sep 19-20 and still promises to be a San Diego spectacle that everyone who is even slightly interested in cars should experience.

Members who enjoy track events and driving at autocrosses are a group who, I’m sure, are “feeling the pinch” and by now must be itching to get back out there as these events are truly addictive.

Being at home significantly more than usual, many of us are spending large amounts of time on the internet. I recommend taking time to familiarize yourself with our website ( and particularly the “PCA-SDR Calendar” link. Take a look at and the “Events and Activities” page under the “What’s going on” menu on the front page and, while you’re there, check the “Articles” page on the same dropdown menu.

The following is a link to one of my favorite short Porsche videos, which I think sums up the essence of why we enjoy Porsches so much. Link:  AMAZING

The “Porsche Field of Dreams” non-competitive SDR event, mentioned in last month’s President’s Message scheduled to be held in the fall, is still alive, although planning has been frozen of late. Details will follow as soon as available.

To all new/recent members, welcome aboard and please go to our website and to the “Events and Activities” page mentioned above, to get a flavor of what we do and also check the calendar as more events become available. We assure you we can give you some interesting ideas for ways to enjoy Porsche ownership that you may not have considered. Keep your eyes open for the next New Member Welcome Eventandbe sure to come along and see what sort of things we get up to.

What Recently happened in SDR?

A couple of social events have been rescheduled for later in the year, which may offer members a chance to reconsider attending if you had previously missed them. I recommend going to our website and reviewing the calendar, for example, to find out more about the “Porsches and Parks” tour which is a week of driving your Porsche through several of America’s finest canyons and parks which has been rescheduled to Aug 22-30.

Also, the SDR Mystery Weekend has been rescheduled and registration is now open for October 24-25. These events are really enjoyable and offer an opportunity to get out and enjoy driving your Porsche and socializing with others at a secret destination.

 Our Newsletter Editor, Susan Brown, tried something different this month. She sent a message to all members asking if they had a story that they might be interested in sharing and offered to publish it in the San Diego region’s quarterly magazine, the Windblown Witness. The response was surprisingly positive. It seems that the majority of Porsche owners owe the beginning of their automotive enthusiasm to their parents and many have an interesting tale about how they became Porsche owners. If you have a story to tell about you and your Porsche, don’t be shy, we can help you share it with other members. Just contact

What’s about to happen in SDR?

The text below describes events coming up in May. At the end of this message, a summary calendar gives links to fliers, dates and times. ALL event details are available on our website calendar  HERE

The Monthly Board Meeting on Tue May 5th will be a conference call this month once again in order to comply with social distancing. Board members and committee chairs will receive conference call details with dial-in numbers etc.

In the interests of member safety, the DE/TT event chairs have decided to cancel the WSIR DE/TT originally scheduled for May 30-31 and the Driving Tours Chair Team have also decided to cancel the upcoming Back Country Tour that was scheduled for Sunday May 17thfor the same reason.

The Board will again reassess all upcoming events and a decision will be made regarding potential cancellations depending on current affairs. Notifications will be sent out to SDR members via e-mail.

The National PCA e-mail database (used by SDR to contact our members) is not completely up to date. In an attempt to mitigate this, the SDR website now has a page under the “Our Club” dropdown menu on the front page, that requests PCA members ensure the e-mail that the club has on file for them is current, and directs members how to update your e-mail address if necessary.i


Additionally, every page on the SDR website now carries a line of green text requesting members to click HERE in order to add their preferred e-mail address and phone number to our database. Please use the website to update/correct your data as it’s really difficult for us to notify members by e-mail that we don’t have their current e-mail address!

If any SDR member would like to give feedback on any San Diego Region issue to only the SDR Region President or, if you have a suggestion for a club event, please e-mail me at and your correspondence will be answered. If you request, you will remain anonymous.

 ~ ~ ~

For all SDR events, please see our region website calendar HERE

CURRENTLY MAY events include:

2   – Porsches and Pours  (sponsored by Mirage International) RESCHEDULED July 18 Click HERE

 3    Autocross SDCCU Stadium CANCELLED

 5    Monthly Board Mtg– SDR Club chairs and volunteers are invited to call in to a conference call to attend the meeting. Conference call data will be sent out to Board and Chairs via e-mail. We hope to return to normally scheduled board meetings in the near future – please watch your e-mail.

Ballet at the Speckle’s Theater – POSTPONED – please watch your e-mail for new dates

17  – SunBack Country Driving Tour POSTPONED– please watch your e-mail for new dates

 2331 – Porsches and Parks Tour (sponsored by Porsche Carlsbad)RESCHEDULED to Aug 22-30 Click HERE

31 – SunCars and SDR (sponsored by Porsche Carlsbad) POSTPONED– please watch your e-mail for new dates

26 – TueLast Tuesday Social– monthly members’ get together for dinner – POSTPONEDplease watch your e-mail

30 – 31  Time Trialat Willow Springs – CANCELLED – please watch your e-mail

As the situation changes regarding Government restrictions on holding “non-essential” events and it becomes possible to have PCA-SDR events once again, e-mails will be sent to SDR members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope to see you soon at an SDR event (as they open up again) and, when you do attend, please be sure to introduce yourself.

Keith Verlaque

PCA-SDR 2020 President

Who are we?  …………………….  WE are SDR !!