SDR President’s Message December 2021

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This is my final missive as my term has come to an end. 2021 is (almost) wrapped up.

2021 has certainly been a year. Not quite like 2020, but certainly not everything we wanted it to be either. We started off the year hosting a handful of time trials and driving tours, in the grip of a deadly COVID wave. Along the way we held several Zoom based socials and tech sessions (as well as our board meetings). Then vaccines became available, and the pandemic died down, and we, along with the rest of the world, began to open up in August. We are now running full throttle, with a normal (or at least, near normal) schedule and plans to stay that way (despite being in another COVID wave, hopefully a less deadly one). The last several months have definitely made up for the early part of the year.

I’d like to extend my warmest thanks and sincere appreciation to the 2021 Board of Directors, all of the 2021 event chairs and committee members, the driving instructors and to everyone not otherwise mentioned who lifted a hand in making this great region run this year. We would not be, could not be, who we are without our volunteers. They are what makes this club great.
Don’t forget there are two upcoming banquets celebrating 2021: Our own Installation Dinner/Porsche Prom on January 8 ( and the Zone 8 Banquet on January 15 ( On January 30th we will hold our Driver’s Awards Party, celebrating the 2021 track season. (Stay tuned for registration info.) It has now been two years since these annual celebrations have been held, so be sure and come out to enjoy the fun. They are sure to be fantastic. Our dinner will be at the Birch Aquarium – this is a not-to-be-missed event!

The 2022 Board of Directors assumed office at our December board meeting under the able leadership of our new President, Anastasia Berta. The new board is very enthusiastic and is sure to maintain our excellent track record of providing first class events for the region. Please join me in supporting the 2022 board as we begin what is sure to be another outstanding year of enjoyment with our favorite cars, our Porsches. I encourage you to get involved with SDR, not just by attending more events as they come up, but also by volunteering to be a part of the organizing committees. Participation has its rewards. We are sure to see a multitude of events, both old and new, in the new year: SUVs and Coffee, Cars and SDR, Last Tuesday Socials, Mystery Weekends, Progressive Dinners, Porsches & Pours, New Member Socials, Concours, Driving Tours, Autocross, Time Trial, and maybe even a Rally or two!
On a parting note, last month Porsche San Diego invited a few SDR members (the lucky few selected by order of response to the advertisement) to join them in a small holiday social at Mom’s Cafe in Wynola. Mom’s custom made single-serving apple pies for us, complete with a Porsche stamped in dough on top. Of course, several people just had to buy additional delicious pies to take home! Many thanks to Alan Perlin, GM of Porsche San Diego, for this invitation, the tasty pies and for supporting PCASDR.

A beautiful Apple pie

Porsche San Diego Pie Display

Mom’s Pie Shop’s Welcoming Sign

Porsches in the parking lot