17" track wheels - 2 sets of 4

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2 sets of 17" track wheels
I'm asking $500/set and both sets together are $800!
100% work on a 986. Should be Ok for other models that support 17's

Both sets in good to better condition, a few minor scratches, no dents and not bent. Both sets balance with no issues and minimal weights

1 set of Racing Dynamics wheels 8x17 ET 50 and 9x17 ET 52
work perfectly with 225/45-17 and 255/40 17

1 set of Boxster S wheels 7x17 ET 55 and 8.5x17 ET 48
work perfectly with 225/45-17 and 255/40 17
This set is plastidipped black

I ran them several TT and AX seasons and never had any problems. I sold my Boxster, so I don't need the extra wheels anymore

The tires are heat cycled out or corded

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