02 996 Carrera x51/6spd/nonsunroof/street & track car

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02 996 Carrera with Meridian Metallic exterior with a vinyl wrap and black interior. x51 engine, 6spd with OS Giken LSD, nonsunroof, non PSM car. PCA and POC club race legal with log books; can be driven to and from events as it's street registered. Always a Southern Cal car. Chassis has 108,725 miles on it, x51 factory engine has 32,106 miles on it. A factory 3rd radiator and low temp thermostat installed. The engine runs on Mobil1 5w50, and uses no oil between track events and has no leaks. Ready to drive cross country, at the next DE or Time Trial, or even the next Club Race! Needs nothing but a new home.