Member Content

Members are encouraged to contribute to the PCASDR website and newsletter, the Windblown Witness. Content can include (but is not limited to) Porsche related photos, events, articles and experiences.

The preferred submission format for text is a Word document or plain text. All photos, logos and other graphics should be provided in their native format (JPG, TIF, EPS, PDF, etc.). Other file formats are considered on a case by case basis. Our Webmaster and Editor reserve the right to edit your submission.

Website Submissions

You must be a registered PCA member to submit articles and pictures. All articles and pictures can be sent to the along with your PCA member ID for approval prior to being posted to the website.

Remember: Individual photos can be displayed via the sideshow on the bottom of the homepage by tagging your photos with “PCASDR within Instagram! Please be courteous to other members, as the slideshow only displays 20 images at a time.

If you have additional questions, please contact the webmaster at for more information.

Newsletter Submissions

Please send files to We reserve the right to edit or refuse to print any content. Deadline for submitting new articles is the 15th of the month preceding the issue date. This is a target date, and does not guarantee your submission will appear in the following month’s issue. Consideration is given to the item’s content, size and available space.

If you have additional questions, please contact the editor at for more information.

Classified Ad Policies

Members of San Diego Region PCA may place, at no cost, ads of up to 25 words to buy, sell, or trade specific items. Member ads of more than 25 words are charged at 20 cents per additional word. Non-member, business, or commercial ads are charged at 40 cents per word. Classifieds will be published on both the club’s website and the Windblown Witness newsletter.

All classified ads must be placed through our club’s classifieds site

Newsletter Advertising

For display advertising contracts and billing information, please contact our newsletter advertising team at We prefer that materials be submitted in .JPG or .PDF formats. Deadline for submitting new ads or changing existing ads is the 15th of the month preceding the issue date. Ad_Rate_Card-_Revised-Word 2-21-2020


All rates are quoted per quarter with a minimum commitment of two quarters. Ads may be prepaid
or automatically billed to credit cards.

Inside/back Cover
Width x Height
7¼ x 9¾”
7¼ x 4¾”
3½ x 4¾”
3½ x 2¼”

Sizes are strictly maintained. Bleeds are available only on full or half-page ads.

To be sure we have your preferred e-mail address, please click HERE  and update your data to be added to our e-mail distribution list.