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San Diego became a chartered region of PCA on December 26th, 1957
By John Straub, Region Historian

Before San Diego Region became a Region, a few National Porsche Club members and enthusiasts got together here in San Diego and had some impromptu events. The year was 1957. Later that same year they were to get together and decide to join the Porsche Club of America as a Region. The first meeting was put together by Paul Madigan at the Golden Lion restaurant with ten members.

The following information was acquired from Bea Cole, Jim Douthit and Jack Case. This is how it happened.

The first letter is dated November 14, 1957 addressed to Bill Sholar (the creator of the PCA) in Alexandria, Virginia. It was from Paul Madigan here in San Diego.

Dear Mr. Sholar,

The undersigned, all active members in good standing of the Porsche Club of America, herewith petition for recognition as a Chartered Region of the Porsche Club of America.

Our activities to date include two dinner meetings, three runs (two to Mexico and one to Mt. Palomar), and two trips to the races at Palm Springs and Riverside, California.

The temporary officers are John Bowman President, Wally Schmidt Secretary and William Zongker Activities Chairman. If chrtered, we agree individually and as a region to abide by the Bylaws and Policies of the Porsche Club of America.

The name of the region will be “Porsche Club of America, San Diego Region.” The Region will include the county of San Diego in the state of California.

It is understood that within sixty days from the date of this letter we will submit our slate of officers and a copy of our Constitution and Bylaws.

Very truly yours,
Paul Madigan

Ten members in good standing in San Diego County are:

  • Paul D. Madigan
  • William L. Zonghker
  • Robert E. Kollmar
  • Keith Ewton
  • Paul F. Veal
  • William Schaffer
  • Wally Schmidt
  • Robert C. Thacker
  • John Bowman
  • Doug Stephens

These are the original charter members of San Diego Region.

The second letter is dated January 21, 1958 addressed to John Case (Jack as we know him was a National Vice-President here on the West Coast living in Los Angeles). From Max Bunnel, President, National PCA.

Dear John,

Re: Executive Committee approval of request for chartered regions.
We have received request from the San Diego Region and the Chicago-Milwaukee Region for recognition as chartered regions.

At the moment, Bill Sholar has the San Diego petition which he assured me is proper, and I have reviewed and find all information in proper form.

In as much as the Executive Committee must pass approval for new charters, I would appreciate your comments if not in favor of granting these charters. In other words, to expedite their being published in Panorama…

Yours truly,
Max Bunnel

And the third letter dated February 25, 1958 was addressed back to Paul Madigan in San Diego from Bill Sholar and cc-ed to John Case.

Dear Paul,

The petition for charter you forwarded to Bill Sholar has been presented to the Executive Council for their consideration and it is with considerable pleasure that I advise you the charter for San Diego Region of the P.C.A. has been approved. I want to wish you the best of luck in your future programs and activities.

In as much as the petition itself is not in my possession, could you advise me the boundaries of your region. Does it include Los Angeles? Would also appreciate your comments as to why or why not you have made the boundaries as they are.

By copy of this letter to John Case, I want to thank John for his contacts with you in the past. I am sure that John will do everything he can to help you with your planning or with regards to the P.C.A. from a national standpoint.

If I can do anything to assist you, do not hesitate to let me know.

Bill Scholar

As you can see, John Bowman was President on December 26, 1957, on the date and year our Region was Chartered. Paul Madigan then became President the following year for the first full year we were chartered as a Region to the Porsche Club of America. At that time we had no “Windblown Witness” or newsletter, events were publicized by word of mouth or by post cards.

The “Windblown Witness” would not be started until 1961. The name of the region newsletter came from the fact that the cars were air cooled, “Windblown” and “Witness” referred to getting information out to the members. The first issues were typed, two to three pages, and were run off as copies. Most of the information was about events or tech information, since we had no advertisers in the Windblown Witness at that time. This was a time of change in the club. The members could communicate via a newsletter rather than by phone.

In the first eight years of SDR our Presidents were; John Bowman 1957, Paul Madigan 1958, Keith Ewton 1959, Roger Thompson/Paul Madigan 1960, Rowland Johnson 1961, Wally Cole 1962, Keith Ewton 1963, Jack Rober 1964, Tom Hauseur Sr. 1965. Our Windblown Witness editors were Rowland Johnson, Jerry & Dawn Lehrer 1961, Wally Cole 1962/63, Keith Ewton 1964, and George LaDam in 1965.

Some of our early events were Progressive Dinners, Tech Sessions, Tours, Rallys, Concours, Election Dinners, Installation Dinner, Weekenders, Auto Crosses at Del Mar and Mission Valley, high speed driving events that started in 1962 in Brawley.


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1957    John Bowman


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1961    Roland Johnson, Jerry & Dawn Lehrer

First a little about Bill Myrick

BillSmallBill Myrick worked for McDonnell-Douglas and was sent to Vietnam in support of the company’s military aircraft in use during the war years. It was while Bill was stationed there that he began his love affair with Porsche cars. He had always wanted to own a sports car. But he wanted a sports car with 4 seats so he could go on double dates with his soon to be teenage daughter, Terrie. The Porsche 911 was the one sports car that met his requirement of 4 seats.

During the 5 years he was in Vietnam he received combat pay which he put into a special car fund. In 1970, while still stationed in Vietnam, he ordered his Porsche 911 and paid $6,400 for it. When asked what was so special about the Porsche that attracted him to that particular car, he answered, “It was the ability to maneuver.”

Upon returning from Vietnam, Bill and his wife traveled from the West Coast to Florida to visit his mom, then up to New York where he picked up his 911 from the docks. He was worried about breaking his new car in on the long trip back across the US. He drove very cautiously at first but about mid-way in the trip home he read in the owner’s manual that he could take it up to 4,000 RPM (about 70 to 80 miles per hour), it was then that he (as he said it) “put the hammer down.” He stopped long enough in Iowa to replace the oil and transmission fluid.

Bill never sold that 911, though he had to put his car in storage while he was the base manager at Clark Air Force base in the Philippines from 1972 to 1980, much to his displeasure. Upon his return to San Diego he was on the road again.

In April of 1980 Bill joined the Porsche Club of America, San Diego Region where he remained active until his passing. He served as President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Board Member and driving instructor as well as working on many different committees.

One quality about Bill that was extra special was his ability to get along with people. He loved people and had friends all over the world. Bill was the type of person who would literally do anything for his friends. He was always there to help. He was the kind of friend everyone needs.

This quality in Bill was exemplified in his infectious enthusiasm for the Porsche Club and its members. Bill welcomed and befriended new members and was always there to lend a helping hand. If it needed to be done, you could count on Bill to get it done. In memoriam after his death in late 1999, the Enthusiast of the Year award was named in his honor so that this special man and his never ending contributions to PCASDR would never be forgotten.

Bill Myrick Enthusiast of the Year

2023 Jason McClure, Richard Trang
2022 Paul & Sandy Asquini
2021 Bill Behun
2019 Lana Gill
2018 Steve Eisler
2017 Eric & Krishelle Marc-Aurele
2016    Martha McGowan
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PatScanlan-1-croppedPat Scanlan joined PCA in 1968 and “Concoursing” became his passion. He restored and competed in Zone 8 and Parade Concours with no less than 7 different cars winning award after award, many overall. However, what made Pat different was that he would spend his time at a Concours helping others, even competitors that were in his class (prior to judging!). In addition to being a Board member, he was the Concours Chair for San Diego Region numerous times. He also hosted numerous Concours schools over the years to teach people about the sport. There is no denying that he was one of the region’s most enthusiastic Concours Participants. Over the years Pat owned a 356 (which he picked up new in Europe), a 1968 911L, a 914, a 356 Speedster, a 964, a 911 Speedster and lastly a 996.

Long time member John Straub recalls that some of the best times he had with Pat where when the two of them spent two years on the Alan Johnson Racing Team, traveling to races up and down the west coast and to Atlanta for the finals. “Pat was always there with his creativity and ingenious way of fabricating what they needed to win. Without Pat I’m sure our team would not have been the family that it was.” Alan Johnson states that “he was never late, he worked non-stop, had some good ideas for reconfiguring the front end of the 944 for better cooling of the front brakes and the car always looked like it was ready for a car show. And everybody loved having him on the team.”

His love for PCA and the San Diego Region carried through his life. When he passed away in 2007 he left $5,000 from his estate to PCASDR to be used for promoting events such as Concours. The Region dedicated the perpetual “Pat Scanlan Award” to be given to the San Diego Region member with the highest overall score in the Full Concours division at the annual region Concours to help promote and encourage Concours activities.

Pat’s note to the Club that was included with his will:

Dear Club members:

PCASDR has been a source of fond memories and experiences for many years. As a token of my appreciation I wish to present PCASDR with this check to be used for the Club’s activities. For my good friends still belonging to the group may I bid them a fond farewell and to the newer members may I wish you the good times and the lovely purr of those Porsche Engines.

Pat Scanlan Award

2023 James Kreifeldt, 1962 356
2019 Craig Goodman, 1972 911S
2018 Bill Ceno, 1973 911RS
2017 David Walker, 1970 914/6
2016    Bruce and Cindy Wing, 1997 911 Coupe
2015    Chris Miller, 1965 356 Coupe
2014    Tom and Bev Gould, 1970 911E
2013    David Walker, 1970 914/6
2012    Skip and Leslie Shirley, 1963 356 Coupe
2011    Dale and Lorena Sommerfeld, 2007 911 Twin Turbo
2010    George and Sibet Alspugh, 1956 356 Speedster
2009    Skip and Leslie Shirley, 1962 356 Coupe

Ferry Porsche National Region of the Year award



Lazar-Blanchard National Enthusiast of the Year award

2007    Bob McLaughlin
2006    Greg Phillips

2004    Tom Brown
1988    Nancy Rydbeck

National Family of the Year award

2005    Paul, Ruth and Paul Jr. Young

2000    Skip, Peggy, Connie & Leigh Carter

National Zone Representative’s Award of Merit

2017    Tom Brown

National Public Service award




Paul Heinmiller National Best Overall Newsletter award

2002    Harvey Cain
2001    Skip Carter
2000    Skip Carter

1995    Howard & Lois Wasserman
1991    Monique Straub
1986    John Straub & Robin Herring

1985    John Straub
1982    John Straub

National Website award

2017    Greg Bartley
2016    Greg Bartley

2012    Marc Riesenberg
2010    Tom Brown

2007    Bill Ibbetson
2002    Gary Samad

Zone 8 Region of Year award




National Membership awards

2004    Greatest Actual Growth