Tech Inspection

Pre-Tech for DE and Time Trial Driving Events

One of worst things that can happen when you are hundreds of miles away from home at a driving event is a mechanical failure. Even worse is an avoidable failure. This is why we highly encourage all drivers to have their cars checked out prior to all away events. Each car must pass a technical inspection prior to registration so getting your car teched prior to the event drastically frees up your time upon arrival.

You must have your car pre-teched anytime after your last event, though we recommend doing it within the 2 weeks prior to your next event. Any qualified PCA Zone 8 tech station can perform the inspection (see We recommend getting your car teched at one of the stations listed below, if possible, as they know our rules and how to fill out our form properly. Prior to taking your Porsche to a pre-tech station or registering for driving event it must be registered on the Zone 8 Classification site:

Non-Porsches should use the spreadsheet titled “Safety Equipment Calculator for Non-Competitive DE Events and X-class Cars (DE&TT)” located on this page:

While qualified tech inspections are designed to help ensure the safety of you and those around you on the track, ultimately you need to be responsible for your own car. Be your own best advocate regardless of who is teching your car – read the Zone 8 Rules at least once each year (see link at the bottom of this page) and be sure yourself that you meet them, especially with respect to safety equipment. Be sure you understand what is being inspected and that the inspection portion of your form is filled out properly by the tech. For detailed information on what needs to be inspected and how inspectors need to fill out forms, see:

Tech Inspection for Autocross Driving Events

Make sure your car is prepared – ensure everything is tight, well maintained and ready to be driven a bit harder than you normally would. If you have doubts, visit your favorite Porsche repair facility and have a “safety inspection” performed. Make sure your gas tank is full, your tires are properly inflated, and you have enough brakes and tires for a “road trip”. If you wouldn’t drive cross-country on those tires, they’re not ready for an autocross! Take everything out of your car that may go flying around while cornering hard. Then take the car to the tech inspection grid. Tech inspection opens at 6:30 sharp. Be in line early so you can get the inspection completed and your car back in its parking space before the 7:25 track walk with Chief Driving Instructor. There will be a $10 late fee after 7:30 and the tech line closes at 8:00 am.

The Tech Inspection Form can be found here:

DE & Time Trial Recommended Tech Stations

San Diego Tech Stations

Name Phone Website Contact Email Notes
Black Forest Automotive 858-292-1192 Steve Grosekemper Porsche/BMW
Comeau Racing 619-994-0919 Tim Comeau 924/944/968
Independent Motorcars 858-455-5836 Chris Keefer All European

Other Tech Stations

Name Phone Website Contact Email Notes
Autohaus Frankfurt (Murrieta) 951-894-2985 Richard Krottmayer All European
European Motorsport (Escondido) 760-599-9703 Cameron Clanton All European
HG Performance (San Marcos) 858-454-7137 Phil Chung Porsche/BMW/MB/Audi

Zone 8 Rules:

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