Time Delays

by Harvey Cain

Time delay requests were originally envisioned as a relief for events, which were beyond the rallyists’ control. This included items such as the rally road being blocked by a train, an accident, or by animals. Time delays were also granted if the rallyist stopped to aid another motorist or were required to stop by local authorities for informational purposes. Each of these circumstances forced a rallyist to stop, thereby becoming late, for an event which was not under their control. In fairness, a time delay request was used to allow the rallyists to adjust their time due to the uncontrollable event. (Stops by local authorities for infractions of the law are not considered to be out of the rallyist’s control, therefore not an event for which a time delay would be granted.)

In the interest of safety, these rules have been expanded so the rallyist may request a time delay for any other reasonable problem they may encounter while on the rally. In other words, if you get off course for a reasonable reason, rather than driving at high speed to make up the time lost, turn a delay request in at the next checkpoint. The safety of the participants is of the utmost priority.

At the bottom of this page is a sample time delay request. This form should be completed and turned in at the next checkpoint before receiving your in-time. Please note that your delay request must be in whole minutes plus a half-minute (.50). In other words, you can request a delay of 3.50 minutes, or 5.50 minutes but not 3.00 or 5.00 minutes. The half-minute will allow cars to arrive at the checkpoint in an orderly fashion rather than having two cars arrive at exactly the same perfect time.

Time Delays PDF

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