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Interested in Time Trials? First you should read about DE’s.

Finished? Now that you are back we can move into “What is a Time Trial?”

At first glance, an SDR Time Trial looks a lot like a DE. This is because most of the event IS a DE, with a few exceptions. First, a Time Trial is not an entry level event, and thus requires some prior performance driving experience. See the rules page link below for more on what is required. Next, all cars at an SDR Time Trial (known as a TT) are equipped with an AMB/MYLAPS Transponder at all times, which facilitates the constant collection of lap times for each car. These times are used by event management to help ensure cars and drivers are in the proper run group. Drivers may then also use this data to help them determine their progress as they participate in non-competitive practice sessions. Finally, the last run session of a TT weekend, known as Timed Runs, is handled differently to allow each driver to be timed without needing to focus on traffic. This last session gives the event an optional competitive aspect and all the fun and camaraderie that goes along with it. (Note the word “optional,” drivers may choose not to participate in the last session.) You think you are fast? Here is your chance to prove it!

So an SDR Time Trial is a modified DE with a little bit extra at the end. Please note that the competitive nature of the last run session is, like Autocross, against the clock. It is NOT wheel-to-wheel racing, even though TT sessions may give that appearance to the uninitiated. TT’s can be a stepping stone between DE and Club Racing in SDR. However, the TT format attracts broad Porsche TT-exclusive participation (we also accept non-Porsche’s at a TT, subject to meeting our tech requirements). Typically with 60+ drivers per event who are exclusively Time Trialing (as opposed to Club Racers who choose to TT at a combined TT/CR event), there’s plenty of real competition for those who view Time Trialing as a sport in its own right, not just a stepping stone.

Track Videos
Buttonwillow Raceway Park
Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
Streets of Willow Springs
Willow Springs International Raceway

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