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So what events does PCA-SDR offer its members?

The events that PCA-SDR run each year are many and varied. It is understood that most members cannot attend several events due to having a busy schedule and multiple priorities. However the typical events offered to PCA members have been divided into two general categories and they are SOCIAL and DRIVING as explained below.

On this page you will find a brief description of several types of events and activities that PCA-SDR holds throughout a typical year. Should you desire more information on any event, please scroll through the titles below and click on links (where present) to receive a more in-depth coverage. If you have a request for information go to the bottom of this page and click “FEEDBACK” to send an e-mail directly to the President of PCA-SDR.

SDR sends out e-mail notices of upcoming events, including a brief description and how to register for them (if registration is required). However, many SDR members don’t have an up-to date e-mail address registered with the club. These members, alas, do not get event notifications and are unaware of the fun ways we come up with to increase the pleasure of Porsche ownership.  Southern California is one of the best places in America to own and enjoy a Porsche – and we can help you with that! 

To be sure we have your preferred e-mail address, please click HERE  and update your data to be added to our e-mail distribution list.


SOCIAL EVENTS (non-competitive)

We define Social Events as entertaining, non-competitive, get-togethers where the intent is to socialize with other members and get to know each other, make new friends and have a lot of fun. These can include destination tours to interesting places in and around Southern California such as National Parks, museums, art Galleries, picnics, wine tasting and much more. Below is list of Social events put on for SDR members, click on each one to see what the event is.

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Installation Dinner (aka Porsche Prom)

This is a yearly event usually held in early January and is the biggest party of the year offering a chance to get dressed up and visit an exclusive location in the San Diego area. The Installation Dinner has three principal functions to:

      • install the new president and his or her board of directors and the new team of volunteers
      • celebrate the previous year and
      • thank the outgoing board, chairs and volunteers for all their work in making the past year such a success.

There are usually “thank you” gifts awarded to the outgoing board for all their work and the president gets to present whoever they feel has done the most for our region the “Bill Myrick Enthusiast of the Year” award. Plus the SDR “Family of the Year” award is presented for the family that has contributed the most to the region’s success for the past year. Also, it is not uncommon for the outgoing president to select a candidate to receive the President’s Award as a thank you to an individual who they feel deserves special recognition. To find out more about the Installation Dinner, e-mail our social chair at

For an article on a recent Installation Dinner at the exclusive US Grant Hotel Downtown San Diego, where the theme for the evening was “The Great Gatsby” and costume was optional, click here

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Progressive Dinners


What exactly is a Progressive Dinner? If you’ve never heard of one before – you have to give a try, they’re a real blast. Progressive Dinner events consist of members getting together for a dinner evening with a subtle twist, and that is, event attendees only know where the starting point for the evening is, and each sucessive course of the meal is hosted at a different location with a leisurely drive between venues. Typically, the first house would host the cocktails and appetizers then directions to the second secret location for the main course are given out. After the main course, more directions are passed out and everyone drives to the dessert house. These evenings are a great fun way to socialize, meet new people and see members’ houses in parts of San Diego you may not even know existed. Check the web-calendar to see when the next Progressive Dinner is.

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Mystery Weekends

Mystery Weekends are very popular and sell out quickly. Our tour guide takes us to a secret destination, usually stopping to visit interesting or unusual places along the way, to end up at the mystery location where we stay for the night. After taking some time to unpack and freshen up, we all meet for cocktails and go in for dinner together. Dinner is usually a remarkable event and everyone enjoys the evening. The next morning we typically meet for breakfast/brunch and then head back either en masse or individually – the choice is yours. Past venues have included such places as Santa Barbara, Solvang, Lake Arrowhead, Palm Springs and many others. Whatever the plan, Mystery Weekends are frequently a really fun experience! Check out the web-calendar to see when the Mystery Weekend is coming up next.

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Misc events


Our other events are a lot more convenient for those with a busy schedule. Some examples of things we have done in the past include a tour to Temecula to try glass blowing and jewelry making or wine tasting, a leisurely country drive to a picnic in the orchard of a local winery, a local San Diego brewery for sampling various beers, a baseball game, a movie night, a holiday party, and more. These smaller events happen all the time and SDR members are e-mailed with event notifications ahead of time, however, check for them on the web-calendar.

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Last Tuesday Socials

As their name implies, these events occur on the last Tuesday evening of every month and consist of members meeting for dinner at a different venue every month. This is a great event for trying out restaurants that might not be on your list of usual places to hang out for dinner. Typically people arrive at 6:30-ish for socializing with dinner at 7:00 and then spend a couple of hours enjoying a restaurant or cuisine that you may not have tried before. Click for this months location! No reservation required – just show up and join the gang! Friends, food and fun!

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Cars and Conversation

These informal gatherings on the last Sunday of every month from 8:00 to 10:00, for a “cars and coffee” style event, where Porsche owners hang out and discuss all things Porsche! The location varies, as we look to explore attractive venues around the city.

For an article on a recent Cars and Conversation at which Porsche’s new Electronic Vehicle, the Cayenne Turbo, was present click here

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Tech Sessions

Meetings at local shops to teach members about the systems and components of their cars, including how to maintain and repair them, and to establish contacts with local businesses that provide parts and services for Porsches. These often include new model introductions or just special topics at local Porsche Dealerships. Venues may include paint and body detailing, maintenance, and repair shops. Check out the web-calendar to see what tech sessions are coming up soon or e-mail the SDR Tech Session chair at

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Concours – competitive

While being very much a social event for observers and attendees who come to see top-notch examples of various Porsches, these events are very competitive for entrants. Concours entrants Porsches are displayed and judged for cleanliness and originality in several different classes, three of which are:  

      • Wash & Shine – Show off your car. Only the exterior and interior are judged for cleanliness.
      • Street Concours – Everything is judged except the underside of the car.
      • Full Concours – Every part of the car is judged, including the underside.

To find out more about concours with SDR, e-mail the SDR concours chair .

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DRIVING EVENTS (mostly competitive)

Not all PCA-SDR driving events are competitive. Several are non-competitive and are simply about taking your Porsche out to do what it does best and that is… driving. San Diego Region gives members the opportunity to enjoy leisurely drives on public roads specifically selected to make a driving tour fun. Additionally, twice a year we also run a non-competitive Performance Driving School and also offer members non-competitive Driver’s Education (DE) events which are held on a Track with all students having an instructor.

Members wishing to compete are invited to participate competitively on a closed course Autocross against the clock, or to try Time Trialing or, ultimately, Club Racing both of which involve wheel to wheel competition on a Racetrack.

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Driving Tours – non-competitive

These are usually a half day (sometimes longer) non-competitive driving events. Tours are an opportunity to take your Porsche out and enjoy some recreational driving away from the crowds on some of San Diego County’s lesser known back roads usually ending up somewhere for lunch. These events will remind you why you bought your Porsche in the first place. Bring your spouse, a family member or a friend, meet new friends and share some of the best driving roads in San Diego County! Check the web-calendar or e-mail the driving tours chair at for more information.

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Off-Road Tours – non-competitive

Off-Road Tours are for  PCA members who drive Porsche Cayennes and Macans and would like to experience some guided off-road tours of varying difficulty (mostly medium difficulty) to better understand the capabilities of their off-road Porsches.  These tours generally last around four to six hours and increase camaraderie among Porsche SUV owners and enthusiasts. Occasionally the off-road team meet at a local mall to discuss accessories, off-road capabilities and all things Porsche. For more information, e-mail the SDR Off-Road Tours Chair at

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Overnight Tours – non-competitive

PCA – Occasionally we host a overnight tours. These can be anywhere from one night to a week long (or even more). We caravan through some of the most beautiful roads in the country as we explore some of the most amazing natural wonders of this part of the world, including the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park and Zion National Park. Or, perhaps we visit the wine country of the Central Coast, Napa, or Sonoma. Act fast as these events sell out in a matter of days!  To find out more about upcoming Overnight Tours, e-mail our social chair at

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TSD Rallies – competitive

A TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) rally is a an exercise in following directions …. PRECISELY! You are given a set of instructions that describe the route you should follow and the average speeds you should try to maintain over each section of the course. Each car travels independently, leaving the start at intervals of one minute. Several checkpoints are located along the route at unspecified locations to keep track of the exact time you arrive there. If you were to maintain the assigned speeds perfectly, you would reach each checkpoint exactly on time. One point is assigned to your score for each .01 minute you are early or late arriving at a checkpoint. The goal is to keep your score as low as possible. Most rallies use interesting roads that are off the beaten path. Rallymasters attempt to create courses that are scenic and fun to drive, as well as stimulating to the mind. Rallying requires teamwork. Every car must have two occupants, called the driver and the navigator. In most teams, the navigator reads the instructions to the driver and helps to look for signs and landmarks. Some experienced teams have equipment that allows the driver to read the instructions while the navigator calculates time, distance, and average speeds. To find out more about Rallying with SDR, contact the SDR Rally chair

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Performance Driving School (PDS) – non-competitive

These PDS events take place twice a year for a full weekend starting Friday evening continuing all day on Saturday and Sunday. The PDS is not intended to teach attendees how to drive but to teach PCA members more advanced Performance Driving techniques in their Porsche.

The PDS is not a beginner training class but does teach attendees driving skills.

The PDS is not a racing school and does not teach attendees racing.

Entry requirements to this school are that you must be a PCA member driving a Porsche and already be fully able to drive. This school teaches Performance Driving techniques in as safe an environment as possible with experienced instructors who will lead attendees through a weekend of advanced driver training. The goals of this PDS include to enable members to:

      • learn and practice Performance Driving skills in their Porsche that can be applied in any driving situation
      • safely learn the capabilities of their Porsche in a controlled environment with the continued guidance of experienced instructors
      • increase the enjoyment of Porsche ownership by significantly improving their driving skills.

These safe, educational, fun and rewarding weekends normally sell out so it is common for students to be waitlisted and to still get into the school. Keep an eye out for SDR e-mail announcements or the web-calendar for dates or e-mail the SDR Chief Driving Instructors for more information about the SDR Performance Driving Schools.

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Autocrosses (AX) – competitive


These are timed, competitive driving events emphasizing vehicle handling and driving skill. The track is marked out with cones with each vehicle separated from the others, navigating a complex twisty course against the clock. Cars are not near each other and consequently no passing is allowed. Free instruction is provided at every event. You can find out more about autocrossing with SDR by e-mailing the SDR Autocross chairs .

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Driver’s Education (DE) – non-competitive

Higher speed, non-competitive events as there is no timing system running. These are the next step after Autocross occurring on a track specifically for performance driving such as Willow Springs Raceway, Chuckwalla Valley raceway, California Speedway, Button Willow, etc. Continuous lapping with restricted passing is permitted. Free instruction is provided at every event. Free instruction is provided at every event. To find out more about Driver’s Ed with SDR, e-mail the SDR DE chair

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Time Trials (TT) – competitive

Higher speed, timed competitive events. Similar to a DE, but with the added thrill of timed competition. Also occurring at a track specifically for performance driving such as Willow Springs Raceway, Chuckwalla Valley raceway, California Speedway, Button Willow, etc. Free instruction is provided at every event. To find out more about Time Trials with SDR, e-mail the SDR TT chair

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Club Racing – competitive

PCA Club Racing is an organized race series for Porsche owners. The rules are similar to vintage racing. Wheel-to-wheel racing for qualified drivers, just like the professionals.

In the Southwestern United States, there is one annual national PCA Club Racing event. This event is typically held in early spring and utilizes the road course configuration at California Speedway. Each year this race offers Club Racing and either a Time Trial or Driver’s Education event and each draws competitors from all across the Western United States. For additional information on these events, please check out the National Club Racing page.

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The best way to participate  in all these great activities is to sign up! To join, please visit the PCA National web site, which allows you to sign up online or download a printed application. We look forward to seeing you soon at a Porsche-related event. Join now!