Parade & Treffen

Porsche Parade

The annual Porsche Parade is our clubs national convention, a week long gathering of people and Porsche’s from all over the country. It is held in a different location each year, usually in the summer. Events include Concours, Rallying, Autocrossing, Technical Sessions, and more.

Club members from all across North America come together once a year to participate in a week of competitive events, socialize with old and new friends, learn about and enjoy their cars, and incidentally, conduct the business of the club. The Porsche Parade is a potpourri of social and competitive events, with seminars, boutique shopping, and tours adding to the variety of activities. For many club members, Parade is the highlight of the club year.

Early gatherings, which began in 1956, included an actual Parade of Porsches, but growth of the convention soon made parades logistically difficult. However, there’s always a showing of a variety of Porsche models.

Each Parade is at a different location around the country. This tradition provides a wonderful variety of venues and accessibility for various parts of North America.

For more info visit the National Parade Page  or check out our Porsche Parade page Here

PCA Treffen North America

PCA’s Treffens provide the opportunity for members to drive some of the best roads in North America and enjoy five-star hospitality at world-class hotels.

The Treffen North America emphasis is on the social side: meet your PCA friends, but perhaps, more importantly, make new friends who enjoy the same type of exclusive experience that the Treffens provide – spectacular hotels and unique driving opportunities set in locations offering unparalleled scenery and luxury.

PCA has put together a four-day event with an emphasis on guided tours hosted by the knowledgeable local Regions’ experts and a Navigators Day Off to allow for doing just what you want that day, with several opportunities for different local and resort activities, all prepared with you and your well-being in mind.

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