Protests are the formal means to deal with allegations of deliberately ignoring the car classification rules or other unfair behavior. An informal discussion with the Event Chair and the concerned parties may resolve the possible protest. This is to be encouraged before a formal protest is filed. Please bring your concerns to the Event Chair first so that you may approach the other party together. Approaching the other party without the Event Chair is most likely to be unproductive and is discouraged.

  1. The Protest Committee will evaluate the facts through various means and make the decision to uphold or deny the protest.
  2. Procedure:
    1. Protests can only be made by the Protest Committee or by entrants in the same class.
    2. All vehicles must remain unchanged and be available for inspection for 30 minutes following the completion of timed runs. If the vehicle is unavailable or changed before the expiration of the protest period, any protest may be automatically upheld.
    3. Protests must be made prior to the expiration of the 30-minute inspection period and must be made in writing. A protest fee of $50.00 cash must accompany any protest made by an entrant. Protest Committee members acting on behalf of a class in which they are not competing are exempt from the fee. If the protest is upheld the fee shall be returned. If the protest is denied it shall be forfeited.
    4. It is expected that protests be reasonable, based on sound evidence and submitted in the spirit of fairness. If, in the opinion of the protest committee, the protester has acted in a manner inconsistent with the spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship, the protest will be considered to be in bad faith, the protest will be denied and the protest fee forfeited.
    5. Procedure for protests involving engine or transmission or other disassembly:
      1. The vehicle shall be impounded and stored at a location mutually agreeable to the car owner and Protest Committee.
      2. The vehicle tear down shall occur at a location mutually agreeable to the car owner and Protest Committee.
      3. The tear down may be performed by the car owner or the mechanic of their choice.
      4. The car owner, mechanic, Protest Committee or its representative and the person making the protest may be present at the tear down.
      5. The protester must provide a deposit sufficient to cover the necessary expenses for the inspection.
      6. If the protest is upheld the car owner must refund the deposit to the protester. If the protest is denied, the protester forfeits the deposit.
      7. If the car owner is deemed uncooperative, the Protest Committee may choose to uphold the protest without completing the tear down.
    6. Any car protested must remain unchanged until the protest is decided. Protests will automatically be upheld for any car that is changed.
    7. A protest will automatically be upheld if the driver or owner of a protested vehicle refuses to allow inspection of the vehicle.
    8. If the protest is upheld, the car shall be disqualified from the event, and may be disqualified for the season at the discretion of the Protest Committee.
  3. The ruling of the Protest Committee may be appealed in writing to the Zone 8 Competition Committee within five days of the protest ruling.
  4. Cars or entrants unavailable for protest or inspection as addressed above may have series points or standings withheld or driving privileges suspended pending a decision from the Competition Committee.

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