Update your Email Address

How to update your email address for

PCA-SDR and PCA National to ensure

you receive email notifications.

Information on PCA-SDR upcoming events, President’s articles, event cancellations and other communications are sent to SDR members via email. Due to people changing email addresses over time, you are requested to please ensure that the email address currently on file with PCA is your preferred, in order to stay informed on all that’s happening with PCA-SDR.

Please check your email and make sure that you are receiving emails from enews@enews.pca.org . If you are currently receiving these regular emails, your email address is up to date and no further action is requested.

If you have not received enews@enews.pca.org emails, please check your spam/junk folder, as your email program may be sending them there.  If you are still unable to find PCA emails, then your email address or your permissions need to be updated on PCA National’s database on the pca.org website. Affiliates and Co-Members are also able to create a login to ensure they are included on PCA emails and are able to add or update their email addresses, however, their PCA membership number is required in order to create an account.

How do you add or update your email account on the PCA database?

  1. Go to https://www.pca.org/user
  2. Enter your user name and password, click on Sign In
  3. Select the “Edit” tab (second tab from the left)
  4. Input your preferred email Address
  5. You can also update your telephone number, name preference and email preferences on this page
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”

If you are not able to login to the pca.org website to change your email address, you can call the National Office at (410) 381-0911 or fax them at (410) 381-0924. This will be the quickest way to update your data but remember they are on East Coast time.

Another option is available to you if you are not able to contact PCA National, please fill out the form below, return it to SDR and, once a month, we will forward  any email changes we’ve received to PCA National. If you’re a PCA member, your membership number and a phone number are both required in case PCA need to contact you.

Sponsors who do not have a membership number are welcome to use the form below and we will add you to the PCA-SDR email database which is not tied to PCA National.


Enter your name as you joined PCA. Which is the name you put on the PCA application.
Please select the checkbox that represents you: A) A current PCA SDR Member B) Co-Member/Affiliate of a current member C) Sponsor to be added to our external database for email updates
Here is my latest e-mail address
Please enter your PCA Membership Number - this is located on your PCA Membership Card. This is required for PCA Members Co-Members without a Membership Number and Sponsors will be added to a separate database.
Please enter your telephone number in case we need to reach you about your change. I.E. You Membership Number is not in the system. This number is NOT for marketing or any other purpose than for updating your information you have input.