Driving Event Rules

Welcome to the San Diego Region Rules page. The purpose of this page is to provide an avenue for the San Diego Region members to voice concerns, or ask specific questions where competition rules are concerned. You will also find all the permanent links to all other zone and region driving rules and regulations.

For Zone 8 rule change suggestions for the 2024 competition year, read and follow these guidelines. Rule change suggestions should be submitted in the following fashion: State the rule in question, give a reason why it should be changed, your suggested changed along with information to substantiate your position. Do not submit “this rules needs to be changed”, with no background as to why or what to change it to, or it will not be processed.

Rule Documents

2023 Zone 8 Rules

SDR Standing Rules

If you need to classify your car for Autocross, you are required to go to the PCA Zone 8 Car Classification page and register to create a login ID and password. Once you have done so you can get started using the easy to follow menu to classify your car correctly. After classifying your car, you can print (multiple copies are recommended) your completed classification form and take it to any Zone 8 Autocross and present it to the team at Tech Inspection.

For more information, visit the Zone 8 rules page.

To make Zone level rules proposal changes please visit the Zone 8 rules proposal page.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments on a region level please send your inquiries to the San Diego Region Rules Chair.

If you have Zone level questions, concerns or comments please send your inquiries to the Zone-8 Rules Coordinator.

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