SDR President’s Message – November 2020

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What’s happening in PCA San Diego Region?

COVID-19 restrictions are gradually loosening and PCA-SDR events are slowly being permitted to return. Again, we still need to continue being diligent in complying with stated regulations and common sense, especially as we near the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season when annual gatherings abound. The Board of Directors has determined that they will not put on any events that could put members at risk.

2021 SDR Board members

Yesterday the seven elected PCA-SDR board members for 2021 met and decided who would hold which position on the 2021 SDR board.

Congratulations to all seven members. We have an enthusiastic team who are determined to get PCA-SDR safely back up to full strength with events running and providing the full benefits of membership for 2021.

The 2021 SDR Board of Directors will consist of:


President:                 Tom Brown

Vice-President:        Anastasia Berta

Secretary:                  Ann Archibald

Treasurer:                 Eric Marc-Aurele


Mike Miller

Scott Leslie

Keith Verlaque


As the 2020 president will be remaining on the 2021 board, he cannot assume the role of Board Advisor and tie-breaker if there were to be a tied vote. As a consequence,2019 presidentVictoria Varonwill be the advisor to the 2021 board.

This team will take over SDR management at the Tuesday Dec 1st board meeting after the 2020 board has met and concluded their business.

Please volunteer your services to this team and provide them with the same full support as you have done for the 2020 board and me — an issue for which I am very grateful.

Congratulations!to the board members for 2021.


SDR Virtual FOOD DRIVE – EXTENDED to Nov 16th

SDR Virtual Food Drive

(As of Nov 1st)

The SDR food drive began on Aug 1st and now continues until Nov 16th and we have revised our goal to $15,000.

The current $ total (as of Nov 1st) is $11,323

Each dollar SDR donates provides food for 5 meals, which means that San Diego Region has provided over 56,600 meals to date,an we still have 14 days to go! Let’s see how high we can get that total to help fellow San Diegans.

If you’ve already donated – thank you very much. This is your last chance to help SDR help others in the San Diego community who are less fortunate than you. Please Click HERE to donate.

Use your debit or credit card and remember these donations are tax deductible! Just make sure to print out your receipt after checkout; you will also get an email receipt from San Diego Food Bank.

New Members

To all the new members who have joined this year, the COVID-19 regulations are indeed not reflecting our region in a good light. Obviously, this is the case for many people in many walks of life and maybe now is a good time to be grateful for what you do have and to consider helping others less fortunate than yourselves. I am of course referring to the SDR Virtual Food drive, which is providing meals to many. Per above it’s still not too late to contribute to the San Diego Region’s Virtual Food Drive.

As soon as we are permitted, the club management has committed to do their best to get SDR back up to speed and provide members with many rich and varied opportunities to get maximum enjoyment out of Porsche ownership. Once conditions permit, I imagine the New Member Welcome event, which is currently on hold, will come to fruition and we will make every effort to ensure that new members have a great time and get to know some of our region’s stalwart members.

To get an idea of what events and activities SDR usually offer members click HERE.

Please watch out for e-mails from the club and check the PCA-SDR calendarHERE regularly.

See what a young girl, a fast car and faster reactions can do…

For those interested in Porsche related videos, the following link is to a 2:40 minute video detailing a Guinness World Record attempt for a production car going through 50 cones. To see more, click HERE.

What has recently happened in SDR?

SDR’s First Back Country Roads tour since the COVID-19 lockdown

On Sunday Oct 11th 50 drivers took their Porches on an organized drive into San Diego’s south county.

Several new rules were implemented in order to comply with COVID-19 requirements. Participants all wore facemasks when outside their car, the pre-tour drivers meeting was broken up into five groups of ten and all observed social distancing. The new speedwaiver system was implemented whereby participants signed the insurance waiver digitally ahead of the event and used their mobile phones to take each individual’s photo as a record of attendees. There was a stop halfway through the tour where regulations were once again observed and there was no traditional gathering for a group meal after the tour. SDR Driving Tours chair, Rick Richardson and his team, found some great back roads to explore and everyone reported that they really enjoyed getting their Porsches out for some driving the twisties.

There was a repeat of the original Oct tour on Sun Nov 1stwhereby if you attended the first tour you were ineligible to attend the second in order to give other members a chance to participate. It seems that limiting the number of cars and repeating tours was very successful and will most likely be the norm for at least the near future. So we will probably be doing more than the traditional four tours per year. Bottom line, watch your e-mail as SDR is out driving back roads again!!

Samples from the PCA-SDR Goodie Store

The gift-giving season is rapidly approaching

Get your GIFT on!      …. don’t wait until it’s too late!

Order your holiday gifts early from the PCA-SDR Goodie Store!


And for SDR members who are proud to be a part of our region that would like to show their region colors and be recognized by other members on the road …


(Think of it as a “team tattoo” for your Porsche – for those who prefer not tattoo themselves)

What’s about to happen in SDR?

In the next few weeks, the newly defined 2021 board of directors will be canvassing for volunteers under 2021 president Tom Brown to get a team together to run the full gambit of events for next year. Now is your chance to stand up and be counted if you would like to be a part of our team for next year. It really is a great deal of fun, so sing out and volunteer and get on board before the SDR train leaves the station!

The NEXT Monthly Board Meeting will be Tue Dec 2nd and will again be a Zoom conference call, in order to comply with social distancing regulations. The 2020 board will begin the meeting and then hand over the reins to the new team for the second half of the meeting. Board members and committee chairs will receive conference call details with dial-in numbers, etc.

~ ~ ~

For all SDR events, please see our region website calendar HERE.


Now thru Nov 16th– PCA-SDR Virtual Food Drive, in conjunction with San Diego Food Bank (SDFB), go to SDR Webpage HERE  – If you can help, please do!

1 (Sun)– DON’T FORGET daylight saving time ends – so turn your clocks go back and you get an extra hours sleep!

 1 (Sun) – Back Country Roads Driving Tour. Registration for the Nov Driving Tour has closed at the time of writing, but further driving event details will follow in an e-mail to members.

 7 – 8 (Sat and Sun) – Buttonwillow DE and Time Trial (clockwise). All COVID-19 protocols will apply. Registration closed Oct 31st


As the situation changes regarding Government restrictions on holding “non-essential” events and it becomes possible to have PCA-SDR events once again, e-mails will be sent to SDR members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Still hoping to see you soon at an SDR event and asking that when you do attend, please be sure to introduce yourself.








Keith Verlaque

PCA-SDR 2020 President




Who are we?………………….WE ARE SDR !!