ATLast: Porsche Announces New Car Delivery Experience in Atlanta

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Source: Car and Driver
Full Article: ATLast: Porsche Announces New Car Delivery Experience in Atlanta

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

There’s no such thing as a free lunch—unless you’re picking up your new Porsche at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.

As part of its New Car Delivery Experience, Porsche is providing customers the chance to pick up their new 911, Boxster, Cayman, Macan, or Cayenne at the brand’s $100 million facility that houses a 1.6-mile track, a classic-car gallery, a restaurant, and more.

Along with a tour of the Porsche Experience Center, Porsche also provides New Car Delivery Experience participants with an in-depth orientation to their new Porsche car or SUV, a 90-minute session on the driver-development track, and lunch at Restaurant 356.

Of course, “free” is a relative term. Although the New Car Delivery Experience is a no-cost option, it does require the purchase of a new Porsche, the least expensive of which—the Macan—will clear your bank account of $48,550. Customers who choose to participate in the New Car Delivery Experience also are responsible for getting themselves to Atlanta, as well as covering any overnight accommodations that may or may not be required. Despite these associated costs, Porsche is projecting that 400 customers will take advantage of the program this year.

In addition to the recently introduced New Car Delivery Experience at the Porsche Experience Center, the carmaker continues to offer a European delivery option at both its Leipzig and Zuffenhausen factories. The brand says it took approximately 400 European delivery orders in 2015, and it expects to take another 400 in 2016.

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