PCA SDR “Into the Future” TSD Rally

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PCA SDR held a beginner TSD Rally on October 9th using the new Richta Rally App.

19 cars came out to run the event which started at the Westfield North County Mall in Escondido at On the Border Grill and ended at the same location.

Rally Masters Bev & Tom Gould wrote the Rally in Tour style, to introduce the entrants to rallying and how to use the new Richta Rally App on a Rally.

Bev & Tom were using the Richta Rally Master App that is part of the Richta Rally suite. The App alleviates the need for manned checkpoints, scorecards in entrants cars and time consuming scoring at the finish. The App was a learning curve for everyone and a couple adjustments needed to be made to finalize the scoring. Overall Bev & Tom were very happy with the Apps functionality and being able to see entrants on a map that had the checkpoints identified.

The entrants did great and the the rally scores reflected that!

As Rally Masters Bev & Tom were impressed and excited how will everyone did .

Here are a few pictures of the start and finish