SDR President’s Message – April 2020

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April 2020 Message from PCA-San Diego Region President

 What’s happening in PCA San Diego Region?

Currently, all of us are having to do things differently, our lives are being disrupted and we are having to adapt to the whole “shelter in place,” “stay at home” thing, with lockdown orders, social distancing and working from home being the new norm. These are restrictions that we have never had to deal with before, and San Diego Region of PCA, like most of our normal life, has had to adapt. As a result, several planned events have been cancelled in the interests of maintaining member safety. The majority of us are not used to having things forced upon us and not having the freedom of choice to pretty much do whatever we wish, whenever we wish. Now might be a time to consider that, and maybe be grateful for a lifestyle in which we’ve become accustomed to such privileges. For the vast majority of people, having that level of flexibility is not an option.

In an attempt to illustrate that the human spirit is very adaptable and can survive almost every challenge, I would like to share the attached four-minute video depicting individuals working from home who illustrate one small aspect of creativity at its best  link: Teamwork

At the time of writing, the Annual week long National PCA Parade, this year at La Quinta near Palm Springs June 21-27, is still under consideration with no positive or negative decision regarding “Go” or “No Go” from PNA National. Members will be notified as soon as data is available.

SDR member response to my suggestion last month for a “Porsche Field of Dreams” non-competitive event to be held in the fall was very positive and the board of directors requested that an event proposal be put together.

The new member welcome party that was CANCELLED for Sun Mar 29th will be rescheduled at a later date to give our newer members a chance to come along and see what we get up to. Details will be forthcoming via e-mail.

What Recently happened in SDR?

 With many events cancelled or postponed due to current circumstances, the past month would initially appear to be fairly bleak as far as SDR is concerned, however, with Past SDR President Bev Gould accepting the position of new Webmaster and breathing new life into our website, things are not all bad. Some have spent large amounts of their “shelter in place” time in front of their computer, generating material for SDR members’ enjoyment. I recommend taking a moment to have a look what’s been going on.

Also see an “Events and Activities” page listing the majority of events that SDR offers members in a typical year. Have you tried any? many? or all available? Look under the “What’s going on?” drop down menu on the front page.

NEWSFLASH! A new post titled “Anyone who can drive … can drive a Porsche … right?”has been posted on the “What’s going on” drop down – which just might cause you to re-evaluate your driving skills.

I strongly recommend becoming familiar with the PCA-SDR Website. The most common “way in” or path to enter the website is to click on the “Calendar” link on the front page and then the “SDR Calendar” in the drop down menu. This brings up the current month’s calendar and affords a view of what is coming up.

What’s about to happen in SDR?

The text below describes events coming up in April. At the end of this message a summary calendar gives links to fliers, dates and times.  ALL event details are available on our website calendar  HERE

The Monthly Board Meeting Tue Apr 7th will be a ZOOM conference call this month to comply with social distancing.

The Board will reassess all upcoming events and a decision will be made regarding potential cancellations depending on current affairs. Notifications will be sent out to SDR members via e-mail.

Recently some members stated that they did not receive an SDR e-mail cancelling an event. Upon further investigation, it is believed that the National PCA e-mail database (used to contact SDR members) is most likely not up to date. In an attempt to rectify this, the SDR website now has a page under the “Our Club” drop down menu on the front page, that requests PCA members please ensure the e-mail that the club has on file for them is current, and will direct members how to update your e-mail address if necessary.


Additionally, on every page on the SDR website now carries a line of greentext requesting members click HERE in order to e-mail their e-mail address and phone number to our database. Such is the inherent difficulty in notifying members by e-mail… that we don’t have their current e-mail address!

If any SDR member would like to give feedback on any San Diego Region issue to only the SDR Region President, or if you have a suggestion for a club event, please e-mail me at and your correspondence will be answered. If you request, you will remain anonymous.

~ ~ ~

For all SDR events, please see our region website calendar HERE

CURRENTLY APRIL events include:

4    Mystery Weekend – CANCELLED What is a Mystery weekend? ClickHERE

 7    Monthly Board Mtg – SDR Club chairs and volunteers are invited to call in to a conference call to attend the meeting. Board meeting Conference call data will be sent out to Board and Chairs via e-mail. We are hoping to return to normally scheduled board meetings with our full membership invited next month – please watch your e-mail.

11 – 12 SDR Chuckwalla DE Event – CANCELLED  What is a DE? ClickHERE

 19  (Sat) – La Jolla Moto Classic Concours POSTPONEDplease watch your e-mail for new dates

25– 27  California Festival of Speed – CANCELLED

26  Sun – Cars and SDR  (sponsored by Porsche Carlsbad) – please watch your e-mail

28  Tue – Last Tuesday Social – monthly members’ get together for dinner – please watch your e-mail

As the situation changes regarding Government restrictions on holding “non-essential” events and it becomes possible to have PCA-SDR events once again, e-mails will be sent to SDR members.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope to see you soon at an SDR event (as they open up again) and, when you do attend, please be sure to introduce yourself.






Keith Verlaque

PCA-SDR 2020 President

Who are we?  …………………….  WE are SDR !!